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I was suprised when one of my friends posted this to facebook, and so I read the article as if my last school had not changed and I was not suprised to hear that my last school had recieved an 'F' rating, but hearing from some of my good friends and previous educators, I was suprised that they are actually turning the school into a positive additude. Read for yourself.


Some terms that you may not be familiar with is FCAT which is the florida state standard testing and when they refer to 'Gulf' and 'Mitchell' they mean other high schools in pasco county.



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Comment by andrew warren on April 14, 2011 at 9:06am

i think they had it coming for them. in the article, sean wood said there last shool was like a prison. this school is like a prison too. the school isnt just 'like' a prison though, but it looks like one too.


the blueprints for the school were bought from the clearwater, florida prison.

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