The Great Aim of Education is not Knowledge but Action - Herbert Spencer

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Comment by Kherev Isreal Reeve on May 6, 2011 at 9:01am
The story's in this episode of, This American Life, were interesting. I believe that the point being conveyed by the story of the writer who had not accomplished her dream of becoming a writer, was that it is never to late to accomplish something; especially if you have not been able to reach your goals before because you learn and grow from your experiences. The story that the young woman shared about herself when she was 13 made me look at the way people are pressured into doing things, the information she shared about herself shed light on how little people see how what they are doing can adversely affect the rest of their life. Luckily for the young woman in this story she was able to change before she ruined her life but many are not so lucky. To be able to share such a personal story with a group of people and the rest of the world takes great courage but she was confident in herself because of her experiences. I believe was the point of these story's is to show us that its never too late to grow and learn from our experiences.
Comment by Jeffrey David DeWilde on May 6, 2011 at 8:46am

     I think that the story on This American Life was very informative. It talked about how people no matter what their age can still have and accomplish dreams. This particular dream was formed by a 65 year old woman living alone, who wrote her first story. This story was about a senior citizen who robs a store. During this, the woman robbing the store gets into a real life conversation with the clerk. After their conversation she parts from her newly founded friend and gets on a bus to make her getaway.

     The next part of the film was about a 13 year old. This person starts forming bad habits after leaving her private school to enroll in a public school. She ends up addicted to drugs and living unaware of what she is doing to herself. After her grades drop and she starts and she gets more aware of what is happing to her she turns her life around. I think that the reason for that story was to talk about the effect peers have on an adolescent.    

Comment by Jason Matthew Scroggins on May 6, 2011 at 8:45am
...I don't know what to think about these stories, to me they're just scenarios in life. I feel like I don't really understand the main point as to why the series "This American Life" decided to share these stories. As for Mr. Powell's question "is it worth dreaming? is it worth, not dreaming? I feel that it is worth dreaming because if nobody dreamed then nothing would get done, you can't live in a box and not do anything because you're afraid your dream might turn into a nightmere.
Comment by Kristen Miller on May 6, 2011 at 8:42am
I think it’s great and really inspiring that Suzan is 65 and just wrote her first thing ever. The narrator was saying how when most people get old it seems like their just getting ready to die, when you think about it, it does seem that way for most. I think it’s awesome that she found another dream she is going after, and she’s not just living in the retirement home trying to live her life as well as she can until she passes. I think her writing the screen play was great for her and the retirement home, she enjoyed doing it and it gave the other residents a dream of acting in it if they auditioned for it and were chosen. I think you should have dreams no matter what age you are, even if that’s living in a retirement home doing art all day. I just think you should be happy and be doing things you love instead of waiting until you pass on. It’s never too late to have dreams.
Comment by Johnna Miller on May 6, 2011 at 8:41am

I liked this episode. Maybe not the diary reading section, because it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be about. I’m not really into drugs and partying. What mostly had my attention were the short film and all the people who had auditioned for it. How even if they’re older that they still have dreams and how confident they were about it. It amazed me. I guess it’s really never too late to have a goal or a dream. Something you can set for yourself.

Comment by Asjia Saunders on May 6, 2011 at 8:40am
I am really enjoying these series todays was really good I liked how Susan that is 65 and never wrote anything but always wanted to started writing a play called Bandid, a where an old lady robs a convenients store but then realizes she doesn't want the money after she talks to the clerk. Susan hopes the film will go to the Sun Dance Festival. The other act was Sasha Rothchild reading her diary when she was thirteen. She wrote about kissing boy and then having boyfriends and how she starting drinking then getting adicted to drugs then the last entry was how she started going to N.A and how she was clean for twenty days. I really relate to Sasha because i used to write in a diary all the time a few years back but all the sudden stoped but i mostly talked about my day not really else.
Comment by jeremiah mathews on May 6, 2011 at 8:35am
I thought it was cool that they gave the elderly a chance to get to become in a short movie, I personally thought that was amazing and the fact that the old people really pulled of being good actors and love to wake up in the morning and have something to look forward to which is a good thing for them because it keeps them happy and always doing something. The girl that was reading from her diary was awesome because of the fact that she was very bold to do such a thing because emost people would just make fun of you for it or take it to far and judge you for what you did.
Comment by William Warren IV on May 6, 2011 at 8:34am

When do dreams die?


Act I:


Some questions came to my mind when I saw this story. A woman in her 60’s, writing for the first time, came up with a story from her heart. She had a dream to become a professional screen writer. Can re-invent yourself at any age? Has the loss of youth and the gain of fear boost yourself to become creative? Or does it make you become more ready to die?


When you see the process of the dream, you start to appreciate it more; the ‘behind the scenes’ with the true boost in self confidence on the writer’s part. But is it good to support someone their dreams – when it is almost too late?


I think so, because even in the final moments of a person’s life. They get to look back on something that was nourished by them, which others can look back and look towards their future.


‘Taking risks is all a part of being young. Even to the old.’


Act II:


I couldn’t truly come up with a clear explanation towards this story. Although short, I thought it was a little broad and that we all find ourselves in the situation of looking back on ourselves in a way. Some more profound or guilty than others.


But the way we perceive things in our future are different than telling it to someone else. As well as the past.

Comment by Emyn Zaleski on May 6, 2011 at 8:34am

I thought this episode was inspiring, a women in her sixties writing a screenplay and getting it produced is just mind boggling. It shows that no matter how old you are you can still accomplish your goals just as well as if you were in your twenties. Then hearing about how a little girl, just thirteen years old, who was drawn to drugs turned her life around and is now drug free is awesome. It just goes to show that maybe you don't have to live the life that everyone around you is living. Maybe you can grow up to be your own person and live your own life?

Comment by Eric Hirst on May 6, 2011 at 8:33am

I thought that in Act 2 the elderly people making a film for the film festival, I thought that it neat that they were making a film that could posibly work. To me, it's impressive for a women that  is 65 years of age to write a story and make it to a movie. Most people at that age don't generally do this sort of thing, they just go shoping every once in while or visit with grankids.

I thought Act 1 was a little bit on the wierd side of life, the lady telling jokes of her boyfriend that was killed in the Twin Towers. To me death of a loved one is not to be joked about, but that's my opinion.

Act 3 It wierded me out to no end, i couldn't tell if she was purposly trying to sound funny or is reading it the way she wrote it. But when she said at the end of the video that she hadn't wrote in for a month, and that is why the story line jumps. Thats when it hit me that it wasn't a fake.

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