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I do not ride the bus. I get up at 3:30am and roll out of bed to be greeted by the cold dark hallway, followed by sleepy cats seeking food. I make the drive at 4:00am down I5. When the broken line becomes solid I know I am traveling to fast. I arrive a the trail, assemble my bike and begin the ride up river. I am chilled by the wind, and am waiting for the body heat to remedy my body temperature. My eyes begin to adjust to the morning night as I move through the black forest trail. I begin to climb the trail just under the dam and my speed decreases as i climb in elevation. This is a win win, as I am forced to exert more energy my speed decrease and the wind chill abates. 15 min. into the ride I reach the top of the dam and see the sunlight breaking over the mountains and spilling onto the water. The ride becomes rhythmic, meditative, therapeutic a safe place to debrief and consolidate my thoughts; a place to let go of the neurological toxicity that builds through working with humanity. The trees being to blur as I focus on the larger perspectives of life. ... I arrive at the school ready to try again, to attempt to rediscover the potential we possess. .... 15 min exercise. Reserve the Right to Revise (RRR) Powell  


The cold surrounds and encases me as I wait, once it arrives I long for the warmth I know it will provide. The long ride fills my head with questions of what the day will be and provides a view that is magnificent but wasted on eyes that have grown too familiar.

When I return to depart on the journey home, the engine rumbles to life begins rolling and the scent of cut grass bursts through the windows and permeate. Classmates chatter as we ride the rollercoaster. Shadows dance across the ceiling, seats and faces. Curious eyes gaze around, when a sound is made and all the young eyes look to the back. The seats beneath provide enough comfort, and the backs a handle to prevent falling throughout the long ride home.   

I awake around 6:00am lingering to the cold and damp outside, my teeth chattering from the cold breeze that usually hits me. I sit down in the comfortable car chair, which is cold as well. Struggling to keep my eyes open and to keep myself awake. I arive at the LTD bus stop around 6:10, where I stand in the freezing cold weather to wait for my bus. The bus reaches it stop at 6:18, the last couple of seconds are usually the coldest. But as I enter the bus my body is hit with a blanket of warmth. The bus driver waits for me to take my seat, and I usually sit in the back. But as I sit down I feel the thrust and the engine speeding up. Opposite from the cold (which typically wakes me up), the warm typically puts me to sleep. I close my eyes and lean my head up against the cold window which sends small chills down my spine. Staggeringly I awake at my bus stop and rush off the unwelcoming frigid air. My walk in this air is short and doesn't last too long. I reach the school bus stop around 6:45. My mind is typically distracted from the cold air by talking to friends and conversing about the day, or the day before. The bus arrives at the bus stop at 7:00, after entering the bus I observe where everyone is sitting in front of me to decide the seat I will take. Conversing usually happens when everyone sits down, but after a bit I typically close my eyes and drift into dream land. I'm hesitant to awake myself from the dream and to push myself off of the warm bus back into the cold air. I walk slowly to the classroom where it is warm.

At first when you get on the bus everyone’s talking amongst themselves as they pick and choose which seat to sit in. Everything's all calm and collected but, as soon as the bus gets going the air gets think with laughter, there's the high school in the back as they start their daily conversation and jokes. Then the middle school start up their conversations which are generally a little louder than the high school. I usually sit close the back so it's not that bad but it's still pretty loud. About a half hour into the ride things start to calm down except for the occasional scream across the bus telling someone about something. This is the part where I usually start up a conversation with one of my friends or I just put my headphones on. So the morning is quite mellow all the way till we get to school I think this is because everyone is to tired. The afternoon is when things really start to get noisy.

In the afternoon there's a lot going on, some of the high school kids are messing around and laughing while others try to ignore them. Sometimes the kids messing around draw in the others around them and this causes the noise to double. Even if you slipped on some headphones and put on some music there's a good chance that you could still hear the laughter that seems to penetrate through them. As the population on the bus slowly starts to dwindle so does the noise, this effect really happens when you reach Coiner Park. This is the stop where the majority of kids get off at. As soon as they leave the bus it gets really quiet, at this time you could probably hear a pin drop. Once everyone's off but you everything turns into silence, the windows are up and Tony just wants to get you home. There's the roaring of the bus engine and the occasional piece of trash that just happens to make it under your seat. Everything’s quiet and peaceful, perfect time to catch some sleep if you’re tired.

The bus ride begins as I sneak my way to the front of the huddled pack of kids ready to board the bus. As I step up the three steep stairs I nod to the bus driver and turn to head towards the back of the bus when a special ed kid I don't like says something to me and trys to block my narrow path. Yet I push past and head towards the back of the bus  and find a seat. I take a seat on the pleather upholstery and look out the small fingerprint smeared window to see the tops of huge cedar trees and below them the slightly run down park. As the next few minutes pass and the rest of the students pile on to the bus pushing and shoving each other to get good seats I talk to the other high schoolers while we wait to leave. Once we take off we travel the asphalt roads out of town until we stop at the trail head and pull of in to the large gravel turnaround and parking space where another bus is waiting to lighten their load of students into our bus about seven kids from the other bus pile out and then find seats near the front of our bus. The rest of the ride  we travel on four different roads Mosby Creek Rd then Garoute Rd  then we take Shoreveiw Rd for a short section finally we reach Row river Rd and take it all the way to the school making a few stops along the way at Dorena school the Kirk and Family Merchantile and finally the school. Once we reach the school and pull to a complete stop every body on the bus jumps up and gets squished in the small walk way to the front door.

I don't really ride the bus anymore because it annoys me. I have made a personal goal to ride my bike to school everyday. I live about a mile and a half from school. I love bikeing to school, it's a way of getting away from life and enjoying the beauty of nature. I also use it as a way of exercise. I like the stimulating/edifying feeling of riding my bike. It's rather grueling at the start though because I'm not used to the burning sensation in my legs at first and the biting air against my skin. The sun isn't up yet on the way to school but the lack of the sun isn't just a downside to my ride. I like how the light reflects off of everything in the mornings, that combined with the lack of people gives off a rare serene vibe. When the weather is crummy I tend to just focus on exercise, and put blaring music in my ears and make shure everything is fastpaced so I can get the intoxicating feeling of adrenaline and stay warm. On my ride back from school i laugh and talk with Mr. Powell and just catch quick glimpses of nature before I have to start the boring work of my uncles store.


its early in the morning, and you can tell that everyone is either half asleep or has had too much redbull for only being awake for 1 hour. the entire bus ride up to the school, im just listening to music (most likely daft punk) or a podcast. the view from the bus is awsome. Seeing the mountians just as the sun is rising is amazing.

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