The Great Aim of Education is not Knowledge but Action - Herbert Spencer

Here is the 4th installment. Enjoy!


Since descriptions of war are sort of "nightmarish", just a warning that it is going to get a little, dark.





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Ch.1 Thoughts, Expressions, Suggestions

I'm really immersed into this story...


“You don’t understand. It was my duty. I owe it to my mom; to avenge those bastards who took her away.”

The context sounds a bit off here, maybe "; to avenge the bastards who took her away."


Ch.2 Thoughts, Expressions, Suggestions

I've developed empathy for him, his mother, and Clare.

"We had an hour to ourselves ready."



Ch.3 Thoughts, Expressions, Suggestions

"I think a ‘yes’ is in order"

They're in the army, 'yes sir' would add an effect. Also, you forgot the period. (:


"I picked up my sniper. My baby."

You should totally name it.

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